Financial Reporting

Our Firm can provide the right “sized” assurance solution for Your Business needs. 

Financial Statement Auditing

Our Firm is experienced in performing financial statement audits, and outsourced internal auditing (operational and compliance auditing).

Our audit team enjoys helping clients assessing how financial information is collected, recorded, organized and reported to stakeholders.  We understand the main purpose of an audit engagement is to ensure the financial statements are free of material misstatement.  However, many of our clients constantly provide feedback that real value is realized through offering suggestions for process and control improvements discovered during the audit engagement.  Our Firm is available for questions and consultation during the audit and throughout the calendar year.


Financial Statement Reviews

Our Firm also performs financial statement review engagements.  We have experienced instances in which medium and small sized organizations felt an audit was mandatory, however when the entity/stakeholder requesting the audit understood the level of assurance provided in a financial statement review engagement there was a determination the assurance provided by financial statement review would suffice.  This assurance engagement primarily consists of inquiries into accounting policies and procedures, operations, personnel and the industry, as well as performing detailed analytical procedures on the financial statements and determining compliance with accounting standards and disclosure requirements.    


Financial Statement Compilations

Our Firm has copious experience performing compilation engagements.  Compilations are most appropriate for entities that require assistance in preparing their monthly, quarterly, or annual financial statements to be in compliance with accounting standards and disclosure requirements.  This service by definition does not contemplate any of the procedures performed in an audit or review engagement.